Shelby GT

These superchargers are basically the same as the ones for the Marauder’s so expect to see some great gains from a port on these also. They have a different inlet also and actually what I like is it enters directly from the rear of the case. The Marauder that was done picked up 48hp and 11 ft lbs of torque so the Race Port on these will get some good hp/tq gains that should easily be felt on the street or the track.


Shelby GT Race Port Pricing


Race Port = $500

This includes Porting and Polishing the Supercharger, Throttle Body, and the Inlet Elbow

Note: Anybody can take off $50 if the "Case Only" is sent in. Then when the Case gets sent back out it's cleaned and ready for assembly. More than enough oil is sent with it and the rear needle bearings for the rotors are greased. Entire case is shrink wrapped to stay clean in shipping.