At first I was on and watching individuals post their "Home Ports" and to my amazement most would look like my competitors. I watched this for a while and would watch how people would say it couldn’t be done and that really got me thinking. So with my background in what I do for a living (Moldmaker/Injection Molding) I knew I had the know how to get some more hp out of the Eaton’s with a different design than what had been seen before. My first port was a success in that it made close to 500hp. I went back and ported that blower many times to learn each time I did it. My only Goal was to have something for individuals to go off of to know exactly how to port their own blower.

Well with the success that my ports were showing I started getting more and more private messages to sell my ports which started Posi Performance. My fourth port ever is when I had pretty much started my business and given my ports a name. That Race Port is on Jake’s record holding (BADASS03SVT) car which is 1 of 2 Eaton powered Terminators to ever run 9’s in the ¼ without Nitrous. His video is on this page along with iBiTe03 (Joe). Nobody else can claim this and I’m honored for him to let me go back and upgrade his blower to my Race Port specs. Joe's (iBiTe03) is a Race Port from scratch. Since then I’ve stayed with that exact same design and will not change it in the future. I do have projects I work on all the time and hopefully it’s only a matter of time before I find some more hp/tq in the Eaton superchargers. Then if I can do it at a price I’m happy with I’ll think about selling it.

Few highlights concerning my Race Ports.

They peak higher in the rpm’s than any other port you’ll come across and carry that hp on out and doesn’t fall off as fast. Reason being I spend a lot of time on these things to get the best port I can do. That means a very efficient blower that will work at low boost or it can really be pushed to go after some records. Both directions will produce more power and that’s what we are all after.

Lowest IAT increases I’ve ever come across in independent testing. This goes back to what I said above on being really efficient because I spend more time on every blower than anyone else to get it to my standards.

The "Most hp per dollar for any port that anyone can find!"

I’ve learned in the "Public’s" eye and typically will continue to do so. Plus I still walk people through their porting whenever I am contacted as well. I hide no secrets and will always try and help people do their own Home Ports when I am contacted. I am the only Porter that will fix individuals Home Ports and have done quite a few so far and every one of them have made some good numbers. You can typically find me on these three websites. , and my local website .

I upgrade any existing port which again goes back to how much time is spent on every Race Port. If anyone gets one of my Race Ports it cannot be upgraded and the reason is, is the material is gone that they cut because I go past their spec’s to achieve mine.

I post all pictures for anyone to see how this is done which is a first for customers or members of the sites I’m on to see. Up until I started porting this has never been explained nor posted anywhere on the internet. Like I said above I hide no secrets at all with what I’ve learned.

Jake's Cobra. Jakes car is the fastest with Nitrous with a 9.50 @ 139 pass in the 1/4 mile on a 100shot. He has gone 9.90 @ 134 on the Eaton only!

Jake is also a new employee of Posi Performance and lends his knowledge to anyone that needs a hand for technical questions or to purchase anything from us that we sell. Click the button for Jake's Youtube channel!

This is another customers car and it's a GT500 with pretty much zero weight reduction. His name is BJ or Vnmous1 on most mustang forums and lives in Chicago. Just a regular ole Race Port that we sell for GT500's that is on DRAG RADIALS! Best of 10.62@133mph.

My own car has went as fast as a 10.77@127mph so far and will go quicker hopefully soon. It's the first and only Ported Eaton Convertible to ever run 10's without Nitrous. Here's a video of it running in Maryland at the 2010 Terminator Shootout in which I actually won. It went a best of 11.01 there and since has gone 10's and then a 9.99 with a small shot of Nano Nitrous.

Well that's Posi Performance's Resume and you'll be looking for quite a while to find another Eaton Porter that can match the performance these ports are putting out on a regular basis. Actually it can't be found and if you want the most out of a Ported Eaton then by all means give us a call.

Brian Hartlage/ Posi