GT500 Race Port

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Innovators West (Crank Pullies)


VMP 07-11 Shelby GT500 2.3L TVS Supercharger UpgradeWink  If a port isn't enough this should be.

JLT Cold Air Kits

Diablosport Mafia's

Siemens Injectors

Mcleod Clutches

Aeroforce Gauges


Few highlights on the GT500 Race Port. These blowers basically come from the factory now with a mild port done to them. They have a very large inlet that typically hasn’t been seen and then some work done on the inside to help get the air into the rotors. It only needs to be finished up but still takes a lot of time and is all done by hand. You’ll see some lower IAT’s if the blower is pushed with an upper/lower combo but with an upper only the IAT’s will stay about the same as stock. The blowers after the port peak higher in the RPM range which makes the car in my mind wake up to drive more like a Sports Car should. I sell and work with Justin at and we both strive to sell the best ports with some really nice plenums and throttle bodies that are his. I don’t and won’t sell something I do not believe in nor would run on my own car. So I have a lot of trust in the products VMP sells and will continue to do so. Anyone can purchase his products through me or they can contact Justin (321-206-9369 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) to discuss exactly what he recommends for each individuals car. He is very known in the GT500 community.


Here is a dyno graph with the only change on the car being the Race Ported blower, ported stock tb/plenum. This hp increase is more than what I was told I could get because it’s not what everyone else was seeing from others that were selling ported GT500 blowers. Typically upper only cars are seeing right at a 30hp increase and upper/lower cars are in the 50hp range. Running a lower pulley will make the tq increase more than just running an upper only. Upper/lower cars can easily see over 600/600 "corrected" hp.

Pricing for GT500 Race Port


Race Port = $500 That includes the entire blower being sent in, ported, inspected, checked tolerances, re-greased, filled with oil, and ready to go back on the car.

Ported Stock Throttle Body and Plenum = $80

Note: Anybody can take off $50 if the "Case Only" is sent in. Then when the Case gets sent back out it's cleaned and ready for assembly. More than enough oil is sent with it and the rear needle bearings for the rotors are greased. Entire case is shrink wrapped to stay clean in shipping.


Throttle Body/Elbows