Lightning Race Port


Here is some information and some pictures also on the Lightning Race Port. Same as before as in a lot of time is spent on the inlet side of the blower to get more air in and some more hp/tq. I’m waiting on some dyno numbers presently but there should be no changes in this port. I’ve done one and it made great power and ran very well at the Drag Strip. So keep checking back and I’ll post all information on the port and some dyno numbers also as soon as I get one tested.


Lightning/Harley Race Port Pricing


Race Port = $450 (this includes the ported midplate)

Port and Polish Throttle Body and Plenum at time of Port = $100

Port and Polish tb/plenum with no port = $120

Midplate only = $80

Rebuild Snout = $175.00

Note: Anybody can take off $50 if the "Case Only" is sent in. Then when the Case gets sent back out it's cleaned and ready for assembly. More than enough oil is sent with it and the rear needle bearings for the rotors are greased. Entire case is shrink wrapped to stay clean in shipping. Lightning/Harley blowers are known for Case Rub so this might not work out as much as other Eaton 112's.