Race Port Lower Intake HIgh Boost Twin Screw Only

Race Ported Lower Intake ($400 presently)

This design took a long time to settle in on.  I ported the lower intake for my own car twice but never was really pleased with the design because there were some large cavities around the outlets for the cylinder heads and by the injector bosses.  For a very long time I had it in my head to have these cavities welded up to get them removed.  Well looking at things long enough you find ways to cut to remove them.  So that is what is done on the lower intakes by the outlets for the ports into the cylinder heads.  These lower intakes actually take a couple hours longer than porting the Blower itself.  The work done around the ports takes a long time and you really need to be careful to keep from damaging any gasket surfaces.  Also the main intake wall going up and then ending is lowered and a larger radius is massaged onto it.  This helps get the air up and over to make the turn to get the air into the heads with as little restriction as possible from the intake itself.  All cavities are removed to make sure this happens with the least resistance as possible.