Cobalt SS

 Our newest port that performed better than all expectations in real world testing.  Car picked up 30+hp, raised the hp's peak in the rpm range so high that the car never actually hit its peak.  Boost came in a little higher after the port also and never dropped off by one pound.  This blower loves to be ported and we're excited to be selling it now.


Pricing is:  $375   which includes the stock blower upgrade to our Race Port and also includes the porting of your stock throttle body as well. 


You might find another company porting these but no other company spends the amount of time we do on porting these superchargers.  Let alone they peak the highest in the rpm range of any sold and we have zero upgrades available and don't forsee any in the future.  We don't release a port to the Public for sale until I know it cannot be upgraded in the near future.